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1 An ormolu mounted blue porcelain vase lamp, circa 1880, mounted with laurel swags, 49cm high

Sold for £110
Lot: 1
2 A Wedgwood blue Jasperware vase lamp, circa 19th century, with neo-classical decoration on a painted wooden base, 47.5cm high
Provenance: from Lady Rodger, Dundonnell, Loch Broom

Sold for £1100
Lot: 2
3 A pair of large bronze vases with covers, circa 19th century, with leaf decoration, 56cm high Lot: 3
4 A colonial tortoiseshell jewellery box, circa 19th century, 33cm high

Sold for £360
Lot: 4
5 A George IV bronze colza lamp, circa early 20th century, with two branches, 55cm high

Sold for £360
Lot: 5
6 A bronze column lamp with shade, circa 19th century, the slender lamp raised on octagonal base, 68cm high

Sold for £60
Lot: 6
7 A George IV Boulle ink stand, circa 1825, in the manner of George Bullock, with integral glass inkwells and Vitruvian scroll frieze, 23cm high x 34.5cm wide

Sold for £440
Lot: 7
8 Two French Louis XV painted panels, in the manner of Christophe Huet, circa mid 18th century, each painted with central pastoral scene with chinoiserie figures on an off-white ground, 98 & 72cm wide

Sold for £320
Lot: 8
9 A pair of Italian Blackamoor figures, circa early 18th century, in the form of a male and female, he in a doublet, she in a skirt of palm fronds, 127 & 133cm high x 54 & 57cm wide (2) Lot: 9
10 A pair of French bronze figures of peasants, circa 19th century after 18th century models, the man with dog playing a hurdy-gurdy, the old woman seated with a cat, raised on octagonal ebonised wood bases, 38cm high (2)

Sold for £460
Lot: 10
11 A pair of painted plaster library vases, in the neo-classical style, with Laurel swagged decoration and portrait medallions, 59cm high (2)

Sold for £100
Lot: 11
12 An early Victorian rosewood table cabinet, circa 1835, inlaid with mother of pearl and fitted as a jewel and writing cabinet, 33cm high x 37cm wide

Sold for £190
Lot: 12
13 A pair of 19th century painted terracotta caricature figures, circa 1865, each base decorated with a thistle, 64cm high

Sold for £360
Lot: 13
14 A pair of 19th century large porcelain vases, circa 1870, of baluster shape and painted with continuous pastoral scenes, 50cm high

Sold for £440
Lot: 14
15 A large Victorian Spongeware vase by Lipscombe & Co, with striped decoration, impressed marks, a/f, 66cm high

Sold for £95
Lot: 15
16 A pair of 19th century Doulton pottery vase lamps, circa 1880, in green glaze decorated with raised double monogrammed M, raised on wooden bases, 42cm high (2)

Sold for £130
Lot: 16
17 An Edwardian silver plated lamp, circa 1910, with Corinthian column support, 70cm high
Provenance: From the Greek Royal Family

Sold for £120
Lot: 17
18 A Greek Revival vase lamp by Bells of Glasgow, circa 1880, decorated in neo-classical style on black ground, raised on giltwood base, 45cm high

Sold for £50
Lot: 18
19 A stoneware vase lamp and shade, circa 1900, saltglazed with grey/blue colour, 34cm high

Sold for £55
Lot: 19
20 A porcelain vase lamp, circa 1890, decorated with floral banded panels, on ormolu pierced base, 38cm high

Sold for £35
Lot: 20
21 A French bronzed metal lantern ceiling light, circa 1890, with pierced decoration above glass panels, 79cm high

Sold for £95
Lot: 21
22 A Victorian painted metal lantern ceiling light, circa 1870, of hexagonal form, 80cm high (a/f)

Sold for £80
Lot: 22
23 A painted tole tower, circa 19th century, with brickwork decoration, inscribed 'Sprembergerturm Cottbus' above painted door, 72cm high

Sold for £260
Lot: 23
24 A set of 'County Seats of the Noblemen & Gentlemen', circa 1875, edited by the Rev. FO Morris BA, with original bindings, each volume containing approximately 40 coloured plates of the houses

Sold for £70
Lot: 24
25 A pair of painted metal plant troughs/jardiniere's, circa 1900, decorated with black and yellow stripes, 19cm high x 79cm wide

Sold for £900
Lot: 25
26 A George IV bronze colza lamp, circa 1825, with two branches, 46cm high

Sold for £280
Lot: 26
27 A painted wall lantern circa 1850, with top chimney and side opening with glass panels, 56cm high

Sold for £75
Lot: 27
28 A 9ct gold citrine brooch, stamped 9ct, together with a pair of 9ct gold twist drop earrings, stamped 375 and a 9ct gold and agate fob, stamped 375 (3)

Sold for £30
Lot: 28
29 A collection of silver and costume jewellery, including chokers, bracelets, brooches, earrings etc (a lot)

Sold for £45
Lot: 29
30 A Mintons Versailles four piece pottery toilet set, comprising of basin, jug, chamber pot and soap dish, jug 19cm high (4)

Sold for £30
Lot: 30
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